About Me

I'm the creator of Living life on plants.  Food is a passion for me, I'm always thinking about my next meal!

I am a qualified nurse and I have worked in many specialities including A&E, medical wards, endoscopy and urology. During my career I often see patients with chronic illnesses and sadly most of the time we try to treat the symptoms rather than look to prevent or cure. I'm a huge believer that food and life style choices have the biggest impact on our mental and physical health. I'm very passionate about a more holistic approach and truly believe that whole food, plant-based nutrition can heal our body and mind.

I'm currently studying 'Plant-based nutrition: a sustainable diet for optimal health' course via Winchester University. This course is the UK's first university-based course on plant-based nutrition. I will be qualifying in December and am hoping to help people to adopt a balanced, whole food plant-based diet for a healthier future.

When I'm not cooking, eating or learning, I like to spend my time working out or getting out in nature.