• Sunny

My personal experience since switching to whole food plant-based diet

I mentioned in the previous post that I turned plant-based because of my love of animals but today I really want to focus on the health benefits of switching to a fully plant-based diet.

I used to suffer from a number of problems that I had assumed were just a fact of life for me. I had IBS every single day - stomach cramps, bloating after meals, diarrhoea was the norm. i didn’t believe that what I eat everyday could have such an effect on my gut health. I started to have other issues, such as regular skin problems and a very painful period. My period pain was so bad at times I needed to lie down and take pain killers! I had never experienced these symptoms in my younger years so I thought maybe it was because I’m getting older. Note that during this time, I ate healthy food and a largely plant based diet - lots of fruit, lots of vegetables but I did eat dairy and fish.

Since ditching all animal products and going 100% plant-based, I have noticed my IBS symptoms have improved so much. Im not going to lie that all my health problems have miraculously disappeared but I feel a 90% improvement with my GI symptoms and bowel movements. Sorry for the details!! My skin is 100% better! I don’t have to wear heavy foundation to cover my skin everyday anymore. And last but not the least, I definitely don’t suffer period pain like I used to.

I want to show that I am not biased to the plant-based diet because of my ethics, if it was just my ethics then I wouldn’t be trying to promote it in this form. I believe in the plant based diet because of the health benefits. I was quite worried about the new lifestyle at first. I was worried that I couldn’t handle not eating dairy everyday. I used love ice-cream, cheese, milk, yogurt…. I was worried ditching all animal products would make me ill like my parents told me! Right now in my life, I only regret that I didn’t start this new chapter sooner. I wish I ditched animal products in my younger years so I didn’t have to put up with all those problems. For all those years I thought severe period pain is normal, take some pain killers and problems will go away. I would say ladies, if you have problems, then try it and see!

if you are reading this and can relate to some of the problems, then I would say try and go plant-based for at least 6 weeks and see how you feel after. If you find it difficult to make the switch then try reducing animal products gradually. Make sure that you focus on whole food plant based so that you get your essential nutrients. If it really doesn’t work for you then thats fine, at least you tried it.

I will be looking to provide services (more details to follow) to help people that are interested in the plant based diet or reducing animal products in their diet. Feel free to reach out to me if you are interested.