• Sunny

The Rich Roll Podcast

The Rich Roll Podcast has had a hugely positive impact on our life and is partly partly responsible for our transition to a fully plant based diet. We would recommend to anyone interested in nutrition, climate, fitness and motivation (plus a bunch of other stuff). Rich comes across really well and is all about promoting conscious living, something that really resonates with our ethos. We've listened to hundreds of hours and there are too many subjects to cover here but I'd like to highlight a few that are really worth a listen for starters:


20th June 2019 - Gemma Newman, MD Is The Plant Power Doctor

3rd June 2019 - You Are A Superorganism: Ara Katz & Raja Dhir On The Power Of Microbes

12th March 2018 - Zach Bush, MD On GMO's, Glyphosate & Healing The Gut

16th June 2017 - Dr Neal Barnard, MD On Breaking The Dairy Addiction

Climate Change/Better World

14th October 2019 - We Can Solve Climate Change Now: Paul Hawken and IN-Q

19th February 2019 - Eat Plants Not Animals: James Aspey Is Defending The Voiceless

13th March 2017 - "What the Health" - How Corporate Collusion Is Making Us Sick


17th June 2019 - The Awakening of Russell Brand

10th June 2019 - Cal Newport on Digital Minimalism: Why Focus Is The New Superpower

1st Jan 2019 - You Can't Hurt David Goggins: Going Beyond Motivation

16th July 2018 - John McAvoy: From Armed Robbery To Professional Athlete

There a lots of other excellent episodes so get listening! We're also currently reading his book "Finding Ultra" - so far, so good.